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Either as a smart home appliance or as an AI enabled personal assistant, Alexa earned a ubiquitous presence in our lives. By launching office tools Amazon enhanced the importance of Alexa for business. We are into Alexa Skills Development with voice command features to make your business operations smoother and faster.

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Alexa Skills – Giving voice to your ideas

Alexa is a voice and an intelligent brain behind numerous Amazon AI devices like Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show. Amazon Alexa uses voice commands to find crucial reports and information for slicing and dicing the data according to the users command.

With our expertise in mobile app development, IoT based devices and solution development, we have nurtured our skills in Amazon Alexa Skill Development to meet complex demands of our clients. Our exceptional new generation solutions empowered with voice-enabled commands provide a surprising user experience to consumers.

We utilize Alexa Skill Kit for teaching new skills to Alexa. You can access these skills by asking questions to Alexa or by making requests. We will help you in building skills for Alexa intended to provide different abilities to its users.

Services We Offer

Alexa Skills Kit (ASK)

    Leveraging Amazon’s pioneering knowledge in the field of voice design, we use natural user interface to make Alexa smarter and smoothen user’s interaction with device.

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Alexa Voice Service (AVS)

    We help you to integrate Alexa in your products taking advantage of the Alexa Voice SDK to create a device software for your device so that you can get to market faster.

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The Smart Home Skill API

    Cloud connected devices have become a reality and we ensure flawless control of these devices by developing skills for Alexa Voice Interactions that will make your home smarter.

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Integrating Cloud and Alexa

    Amazon Alexa is a brilliant AI enabled device and we are experts in amplifying its skills by harnessing the power of cloud. We integrate Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure Cloud Platform to make it more relevant to your enterprise.

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Alexa App Development for Home Automation

    Our prominent Alexa Skill Development services are committed to develop solutions for integrating smart home devices in your home with Amazon Alexa. We will also help you in integrating your existing home automation system with Alexa, to further extend the capability and functionality of your devices and make your home eve

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Smart Office Automation

    Alexa has proved its worth in multitasking and we will help you integrate it with bevy of corporate tools. Using Alexa Skills Kit, we will build your own context aware voice skills for both practical and business use cases. Our voice technology solutions will help you simplify myriad of tasks at your workplace.

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How Alexa Skills are beneficial for your business

  • With Alexa, you get the flexibility to create multiple solutions for home and business.
  • You can control smart devices at your home and in your office with voice commands
  • Alexa apps offers awesome e-commerce shopping experience
  • Introduction of Alexa in gaming makes them more interactive
  • You are able to create company Wiki
  • Alexa can be used to automate retirement homes for better care
  • Alexa doubles up as an efficient emergency assistant

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